At Madrid Chiropractic, we take great pride in providing the finest chiropractic care to each and every patient. We have included information below about the different chiropractic services offered in our Mission Viejo chiropractic office.


Nothing, but nothing beats the feeling you have after a chiropractic adjustment. Restoring proper function and mobility back into the body which allows for proper communication between your brain and the skeleton, muscles, and organs.

We offer several techniques that allow us to tailor the correct adjustment technique to meet your needs. We specialize in Thompson Technique, Activator Methods, Diversified and Applied Kinesiology to help treat our patients. We often use a combination of all techniques to get you back to your optimal self.

What can be adjusted? Two bones come together and create a joint, and a chiropractor knows how to adjust it. Not only do we adjust your entire spine, but for an additional fee we can also adjust knees, fingers, elbows, wrists, ankles, toes, tail bone, hips, ribs, shoulders, TMJ, frontal sinuses, cranial sutures, feet, just to name a few.


Start your visit with a 10-minute table massage. Let the stress of the day dissipate while you lay and listen to the relaxing music while preparing your spine for the upcoming chiropractic adjustment. The intersegmental table has wheels that move up and down your spine placing a gentle movement motion into your spine, hearing or feeling a pop or a click is not uncommon on this device. Feel free to fall asleep during your session on this patient favorite therapy device.


Whether you are a weekend warrior, you over did it, or need muscle rehabilitation, our interferential and ultra-sound device can help those sore and spastic muscles relax, combine it with either a hot pack or the intersegmental table and you will truly be heaven. Interferential uses an electrical impulse to activate and fatigue taught and tired muscles or strengthening weak muscles. Some have described the feeling as a vibration. This device is great for pain relief.

Ultra-sound produces heat for tired and sore muscles to give a soothing relief to pain. This device is great for sprained ankles, tennis, and golfers’ elbow and so much more.


We proudly use KT Tape brand kinesiology tape because we think it is the best in the industry and it comes in some incredible colors so you can express yourself. KT tape is not just for the elite athlete or weekend warrior. We can apply KT tape to any joint and muscle on the body to alleviate pain, allowing muscles to heal. Whether you have twisted your ankle or have inflammation due to an injury KT Tape can help make it feel better as it heals.


Electromagnetic Resonance Therapy is a whole-body immersion experience that stimulates the vagus nerve within your body initiating a whole-body relaxation sensation. Most patients prefer to have the room darkened during their session, perfect for that middle of the day nap that you crave. Sessions times range from 30-60 minutes. This device can help to alleviate symptomology related to over 75 conditions. Chances are, if you suffer from it, we have a protocol for it.

Is the Magnesphere Safe? No magnets here, the Magnesphere creates an electromagnetic field that surrounds and immerses your body. Your body creates an 8-10 gauss magnetic field, so does the Magnesphere. The company that developed the Magnesphere (Magneceutical Health) has devoted over 25 years in research and development on fine tuning the magnetic resonance field to treat your problem area.  Do not worry this device is safe to use even if you have surgical implants such as metal hardware and pacemakers. Unfortunately, it is not proven safe for history of epileptic seizures, poorly controlled high blood pressure, poorly controlled atrial fibrillation/congestive heart failure and implanted brain stimulators.


Active stretching helps eliminate muscle tension due to injury. The doctor will stretch the muscle in question while you the patient actively engages the muscle for brief periods of time to help lengthen the muscle back to or as close to the normal position as possible. This type of stretching can alleviate muscle and back pain. There can be some pain and discomfort while this treatment is occurring however, the relief afterwards is well worth it.


IASTM is also known as Graston and/or Gua Sha. This technique is used to release myofascial adhesions or scar tissue from muscles for better range-of-motion, increased mobility, and pain relief from soft tissue injuries. Not going to sugar-coat-it, this therapy is unpleasant while it is occurring however, it is well worth the discomfort to get you back on the road to recovery.

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